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Our client had an A.O.G. situation with one of its Boeing 737-400 aircraft in St. Petersburg airport, where the aircraft had been positioned for a couple of days with an unserviceable CFM56 aircraft engine.

The BSL A.O.G. team leapt into action and provided the client with an aircraft charter solution from Stansted airport to St. Petersburg airport utilising an Antonov AN-12 aircraft, our air-ride vehicle was positioned at the MRO at Stansted early on 5th September.

The client had been looking for options to procure a new CFM56 aircraft engine from the UK to be sent by road freight from the UK to Russia, but due to the conflicting customs issues they had to find an alternative route via air freight.


We loaded onto the charter for 20:00, the flight departed on-time and arrived into St. Petersburg airport at 00:00 ready for customs clearance.

The engineers then switched old with new. Part of our agreement with the air charter was that we had the aircraft to also move the unserviceable engine back to the leasing company in Belgium using the same aircraft.

So once the old engine had been removed and securely loaded we then moved from St. Petersburg airport to Brussels airport. Undertook customs clearance, storage, handling and onward delivery to the leasing company in Belgium.


The BSL International cargo team worked hard to arrange the project so that it was within the clients budget. By using a combination of internal and external resources, BSL were able to provide all import and export services at 17% below the clients actual budget.

With a process which included handling Russian customs as well as having to transport the faulty engine back to the supplier in Belgium, it was a costly process but one in which we had the clients Airplane back in full service within 12 hours.

This saved them both lost opportunity costs as well as preserving and promoting excellent customer service to their end clients.

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