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Our client contacted us with regards to a shipment of controlled pharmaceuticals that needed to meet a vessel at Osaka (quay) in Japan to replenish the medical stores prior to departure.

They had faced challenges in the past with clearing customs locally in Japan as the cruise ship operator did not have a legal Japanese entity locally to arrange customs clearance.

The window of opportunity was 5 days from the initial contact to arrange; air freight, customs clearance and delivery to the vessel.


BSL International Cargo coordinated accordingly and due to the time constraint we engaged with our overseas partner to check over the commercial documents and export license to ensure that we could clear on arrival and deliver as scheduled before the vessel had set sail.

Next day our partner had sent us the complete instruction needed for Japanese Customs to clear this shipment, and we needed to route via Sapporo International airport as Osaka airport did not have the relevant Customs officials to handle clearance.

We booked flights with our airline partner All Nippon Airways, who ensured that this was moved on an express booking all the way through to Sapporo. The cargo arrived and our team proactively custom cleared 24 hours prior to schedule.


The BSL team worked hard to arrange the project so that it was within the client’s budget. By using a combination of internal and external resources, we were able to provide all import and export services at 7% below the clients actual budget.

With a process which included handling Japanese customs as well as having to transport the goods via a multimodal solution, it was a costly process but one in which we had the clients urgent pharmaceutical supplies delivered on time.

This saved them both lost opportunity costs as well as preserving and promoting excellent customer service to their end clients.

We added value to our client’s business, and they were able to secure an on-going contract for a number of vessels in their fleet.

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